Det hele på samme tid og hver for sig (Everything at the same time and separate), Charcoal on paper, 1188mm x 841mm, 2021

24h animation, charcoal on paper, 2021

Ink and marker on paper, 594mm x 841mm, 2021

Armen flyder ind I bevægelsen,
24h animation,
ink on paper, 2021

Stop, move; stop,
24h animation,
charcoal on dustsheet, 2021

BIO: Maria Wrang-Rasmussen

I am an Intermedia artist, working in drawing, animation, installation, and the browser. Lingering on the border between fact and fiction, contemporary art and literature, my digital work collates prose and imagery through creative coding. This results in browser-based work, open and accessible to everyone though the website-URL. They can be pulled up everywhere with a computer and internet connection and be viewed and experienced in its full form.

Playing with themes of memory, unreliable narrators, lies, and self-mythologization, the works are guided by storytelling and interaction the viewer and the webpages. Provoking the barrier between the author and the viewer, reactive programming lets the artwork form itself around the viewers mouse-movement and clicks. I am currently researching time philosophy and multiplicity, and ideas of multible times unfolding simultaniously, on micro and macro scales. I have been working with this though experiemnting with incorporating hand drawn animation into my digital work, playing with textures, physicality, charcoal and .gifs, pixels and ink.

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