Scapegoat, video, 8:57 min, 2021

Lonely man satin puddle, mixed media on paper, 297 x 420mm

The melody of the wild fig, mixed media on found board, 605 x 375mm

Sparkle horses,
pollyFilla, clay, glitter and emulsion paint on found plasterboard, 210 x 297mm

Scape goat,
mixed media drawing mounted on found wood, 615 x 330mm

Levetation milk, mixed media on paper, 420 x 594 mm

Hill Bagging, mixed media on paper, 420 x 594 mm

Get off my back, mixed media, shaving cream, flour, paint on paper, 297 x 420mm

Me and my friends:

From left to right: Gemma Smith, Maria Wrang-Rasmussen, Miriam Craddock, Olivia Byass-Smithies, Hannah Draper, Gabriel Levine-Brislin, Lorenzo Robertson-Rangoni, photo by Maddy Wood.

BIO: Miriam Craddock

My visual language has grown out of a constant drawing practice and given birth to the bizarre pink-headed mushroom creatures that I use to investigate human action and motivation. The world I am building draws equally from folk vernacular, art- historical and contemporary influences as well as seeing artistic potential in abject materials. Recently I have become obsessed with ancient Greek scapegoat rituals and collaged together historical and biblical accounts to form the fictional narrative of the film ‘Scapegoat’ (with help from my GORGEOUS actors (my flat mates)).

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